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Sunrise Sparkle Care

Elevate your mornings with our Private Duty In-home care. During this 2 hr visit, we assist with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and laundry, ensuring a bright and stress-free start to your day. Your comfort is our top priority. Contact us today and experience the difference with Sunrise Sparkle Care.

Bathing and Grooming
Personal Care Assistance

Dream-Ease Tuck-In Care

Experience bedtime bliss with DreamEase Tuck-In Care, your 1.5 hr personalized In-home service for a peaceful night’s sleep. Our caregivers offer expert assistance for a smooth bedtime routine, ensuring clients are comfortably tucked In and ready for a restful night. From preparing the bed to providing companionship, trust DreamEase for a tranquil, goodnight experience. Contact us today for a cozy night’s rest.

Dream-Ease Tuck-In Care
In-home service for a peaceful night's sleep

Coordination of Care

Elevating Medical Assistance for Your Wellbeing

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we understand that medical care is of utmost importance to the physical and mental wellbeing of our esteemed members. As such, our primary focus is to provide top-notch medical assistance through our carefully selected key partners, ensuring that the best care is delivered promptly and consistently.

Best Home Care Management Service Provider
How We Can Assist You:
Accompanied Doctor Visits:

We offer a unique “Ride Along” service for doctor visits, where our Concierges accompany you to appointments. After the visit, we provide follow-up notes to keep your family informed about the visit updates and recommendations.

Medication Monitoring:

Ensuring a safe environment while you live independently is crucial. Our dedicated Concierge team actively monitors your medications, promptly alerting you and your loved ones in case of any changes or missed doses.

In-Home Visits and Social Engagement:

Staying socially connected is essential for overall well being. Our professionals can visit you at home and engage in meaningful activities, fostering a supportive and uplifting atmosphere.

In-Home Rehabilitation:

For those recovering from injuries or surgeries, we will coordinate In-Home Rehabilitation conducted by licensed occupational therapists. Our goal is to help you regain your independence and mobility in the comfort of your own home.

In-Home Nursing Care:

Our caring and skilled nursing providers are available for In-Home Nursing services, ensuring you receive the necessary medical attention and personalized care in the familiar surroundings of your residence.

In-Home Therapies:

Following your doctor’s directions, we administer In-Home Therapies designed to address your specific medical needs and aid in your recovery or management of chronic conditions.

Telemedicine Consults and Second Opinions:

Accessing specialized medical advice has never been easier. We can coordinate Telemedicine Consults and Medical Second Opinions provided by licensed doctors who will assess your latest changes and provide valuable feedback to guide your healthcare decisions.


Effortless Transportation Solutions for Enhanced Mobility

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we understand the challenges that limited mobility can bring, and we are dedicated to providing seamless transportation services to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of our valued members. Our aim is to alleviate the stress involved in getting you or your loved ones to their destinations with utmost ease and comfort.

Positioning & Mobility
How We Can Assist You:
Ride Sharing:

For basic transportation needs such as running errands or attending family gatherings, we offer convenient ride-sharing services. Our reliable drivers will ensure you reach your desired locations promptly and safely.

Private Car White Glove Service:

When it comes to essential appointments like doctor visits or assisted activities, our exclusive white glove service provides a luxurious and personalized experience. Rest assured, our courteous drivers will take care of all your needs and make your journeys comfortable and hassle-free.

Transportation for Wheelchair and Less Mobile Members:

We recognize the importance of inclusive transportation, which is why we cater to the needs of wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. We can coordinate vehicles that are equipped to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuring that all our members can travel with convenience and dignity.

Professional Medical Transportation:

Partnering with trusted medical transportation providers, we can coordinate specialized services, including ambulance transportation for hospital transfers and other critical medical needs. Your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities, and we ensure that you receive the appropriate care and attention during transit.

Concierge Ride Along:

To further enhance your experience and provide personalized support, we offer the option to have one of our dedicated Concierges accompany you throughout the journey. Our Concierges are trained to assist and attend to any requirements, ensuring that you feel comfortable and well-cared-for every step of the way.

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we take great pride in coordinating a comprehensive range of transportation solutions designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Let us be your partner in seamless transportation, providing you with the utmost care and attention you deserve.

Home Services

Comprehensive Home Services: Making Your Home Comfortable and Hassle-Free

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we understand that home maintenance can be a daunting task, and finding the right service providers for various jobs can be a challenge. We are here to alleviate that burden by assessing your unique needs and partnering with appropriate professionals to cater to all your home-related requirements. Moreover, we recognize that your housing needs may change over time, and we are committed to supporting you during transitions to new accommodations.

Post Surgery or Rehab Care
Overnight Care
How We Can Assist You:
Routine Home Maintenance and Chores:

Keeping your home in top condition is essential for your comfort and safety. Our team is ready to tackle routine home maintenance tasks and chores, ensuring that your living space remains well-kept and pleasant.

Routine Appliance Maintenance and Repairs:

Appliances are the backbone of a well-functioning home. We provide expert maintenance and repair services for your appliances, prolonging their lifespan and minimizing disruptions in your daily life.

Elderly & Disabled Care Enhancements:

For our elderly & disabled members, we can coordinate thoughtful enhancements to make their homes more user-friendly and accessible. This includes installing shower bars and ramps to promote safety and ease of movement by our preferred expert partners.

Remodeling Projects:

If you are considering renovating or remodeling parts of your home, our experienced partners can handle the entire process, from design to completion. We ensure that your vision for your home becomes a reality.

Real Estate Services:

When the time comes to transition to a new home, our Concierge team will be there to guide you through the process. Whether you are looking to sell your current home or find the perfect new residence, we will coordinate expert real estate services tailored to your needs.

Asset Auctions and Sales:

If downsizing is on the horizon, we can assist you in organizing asset auctions and sales to help you efficiently and profitably manage your belongings.

Alternate Housing Options:

We understand that independent living, assisted living, memory care, long term care living arrangements might be more suitable for certain stages of life. Our team will work closely with you and your family to select the right housing options that cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

At iPHCS Concierge Care, our mission is to ensure that your home is a haven of comfort and convenience. With our comprehensive range of home services and expert guidance during housing transitions, you can trust us to provide the highest level of care and support. Let us handle the details, so you can enjoy a stress-free and fulfilling living experience in the comfort of your home.


Promoting Nutritional Health and Wellness: Your Path to a Well-Balanced Diet

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we firmly believe that a well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of nutritional health and overall wellness. To support you on your journey to better nutrition, we can coordinate a range of services that encompass everything from personalized dietary assessments to convenient meal planning and delivery.

Light Housekeeping
Caregiver Jobs
How We Can Assist You:
Nutritional Assessment by Professional Nutritionists:

Understanding that each individual has unique dietary requirements, we begin by coordinating a thorough nutritional assessment. Our team of professional Nutritionists will work with you to identify your specific needs, taking into account your medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Personalized Meal Planning:

Based on the results of your nutritional assessment, our experts will craft personalized meal plans that align with your dietary requirements and goals. These plans will ensure that you receive the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Grocery Shopping and Delivery:

To make healthy eating more accessible and convenient, we offer grocery shopping services that cater to your specific meal plans. Our team will take care of the shopping and delivery, so you have more time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Regularly Scheduled Meal Delivery:

We understand that complex meal preparation and cooking can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you have specific dietary needs. To alleviate this burden, we will coordinate regularly scheduled, complete meal delivery services. These meals will be delicious and nutritious designed to meet your requirements and are delivered right to your doorstep.

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we are committed to empowering you with the tools and support needed to embrace a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition. By providing tailored guidance, personalized meal plans, and convenient meal delivery options, we aim to ensure that you not only achieve but also sustain your nutritional goals. Let us be your partner in cultivating a balanced diet that nourishes your body and enhances your overall wellbeing.

At iPHCS Concierge Care, we are committed to delivering compassionate, reliable, and expert assistance tailored to meet your unique needs. Our mission is to enhance your quality of life, allowing you to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle while receiving top-tier support. Trust us to be your partners in care and embark on this journey to better health together.

Consultation & Assessment

Developing a “road map” is essential to the overall effective planning as part of our engagement of support and continued management.

Focusing on individual needs, our Registered Nurse and Case Manager conducts a comprehensive review of medical, social and psychological functioning, physical and mental limitations and nutritional assessment to determine an on-going action plan.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence”

Our Commitment

iProvide Home Care Solutions, LLC is committed to values, which are reflected in our behavior expectations: recognition, ownership, communication, courtesy, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Each employee strives to embrace these behaviors daily.

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