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Infusion Therapy

For patients who are no longer responsive to orally administered medications, we provide Infusion Therapy in the comfort of their own homes. The administration of intravenous drugs requires the expertise of our skilled staff to ensure proper execution. This type of therapy is applicable in a range of cases, including cancer treatment, antiviral therapy, antibiotic treatment, pain management, and post-surgery patient hydration.

Pre and post-Surgical Care

Involves comprehensive assessment, preparation, and monitoring of patients before and after surgery to optimize outcomes, manage pain, prevent complications, and promote recovery.

Pain and Symptom Management

Involves the assessment, monitoring, and implementation of interventions aimed at alleviating pain and managing symptoms in patients. This approach enhances their comfort and improves their overall quality of life.

Wound Care Treatments and Injections

Encompasses comprehensive assessment, treatment, and administration of medications or injections to promote wound healing and manage related medical conditions.

Supervision of Medications

Ensures proper administration, monitoring, and adherence to prescribed medications, minimizing errors and promoting patient safety and optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Respiratory Care

Involves assessment, monitoring, and management of respiratory conditions, providing oxygen therapy, nebulizer treatments, suctioning, and respiratory exercises to optimize lung function and overall respiratory health.

Monitoring of Vital Signs

We conduct regular monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and more.

Tube Feeding

Involves the administration of liquid nutrition through a tube, ensuring proper placement, monitoring, and adjustment to meet the nutritional needs of patients unable to consume food orally.

Ostomy Care

involves the management and maintenance of ostomy sites, including pouching system changes, skin protection, education, and support for individuals with ostomies.

Catheter Care

Involves the proper management, hygiene, and maintenance of urinary or indwelling catheters, including monitoring, irrigation, and infection prevention to ensure patient comfort and health.

Consultation & Assessment

Developing a “road map” is essential to the overall effective planning as part of our engagement of support and continued management.

Focusing on individual needs, our Registered Nurse and Case Manager conducts a comprehensive review of medical, social and psychological functioning, physical and mental limitations and nutritional assessment to determine an on-going action plan.

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iProvide Home Care Solutions, LLC is committed to values, which are reflected in our behavior expectations: recognition, ownership, communication, courtesy, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Each employee strives to embrace these behaviors daily.

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